Other media

I am the owner of several succesful (social)media platforms related to my work and hobby. Note: links open in a new tab

Youtube: Bart Coppens: I own a personal YouTube channel where I post things related to insects, biology, and mainly breeding Lepidoptera. Like and subscribe!

Breedingbutterflies: This is my personal website that is not focussed on faunistics, but on breeding Lepidoptera in captivity alone, and includes some of my personal notes, opinions and experiences. It is a more fun, informal and unprofessional (in a good way) website for hobbyists.

Moth of the day: A Facebook page that is programmed to repost some of my personal content and pictures, recommended for all moth lovers.

Researchgate: A platform for researchers; contains all my scientific work and publications.  Here entomologists can read my papers.

Instagram: My personal Instagram, where I post some of my best insect images, selfies, and parts of my social life. Informal plantform that I do not visit often.

Patreon: My crowdfunding platform. Consider joining and earn rewards and support my independent work.

Twitter: The social media platform I use the least, but I guess I am on it.

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