Automeris (genus)

Automeris (Hübner, 1819) is one of the most speciose genera of Saturniidae, counting over 125 (at the time of writing) species. More species are being described on a regular basis. A handful of species is found in North America, although the vast majority of them are found in Central and South America, especially in the neotropics. They are generally small to medium sized Saturniidae, although certain big genera exceed wingspands of 150mm. Typical are the eyespots on the hindwings that are hidden below the forewings in the resting position, but that are revealed when the moth is disturbed.
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Available species in database:

Automeris io (Io moth)
Automeris belti
Automeris patagoniensis (Patagonia eyed silkmoth)
Automeris niepelti (Niepelt’s eyed silkmoth)
Automeris zaruma